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Air Taxis Ready To Fly In The Skies Above LA

 Air taxis will be flying through the skies above Los Angeles in time for the summer Olympics of 2028 if city officials and entrepreneurs have their way.

A Silicon Valley company is the latest to claim that it is close to creating viable electric vehicles that can offer short hops above the traffic-choked streets for not much more than the cost of an Uber ride. Adam Goldstein, chief executive of Archer Aviation, told the Los Angeles Times that his vertical take-off aircraft, designed to travel 60 miles on a single charge at up to 150mph, would “completely change the way we live, the way we work”, and could be flying within two years.

Los Angeles is seen as an ideal fit for air taxis because it has so many car parks and high-rise roofs to accommodate “verti-ports” for take-off. Eric Garcetti, the mayor, supports the concept and helped to set up a group to shape regulations covering the vehicles. Some companies are hoping to be airborne even before the Olympics.

Archer Aviation said it was aiming to create a network of urban air taxis within two years to jump the queue on a slew of other competitors such as Joby Aviation in Santa Cruz and Wisk Aero in Mountain View.


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