“Ray Hammond delivered a great keynote. He is a superb speaker.” Google
“Ray gave us an incredible, upbeat glimpse into the future.” Mastercard
“Ray Hammond is one of the best public speakers we have ever seen.” GE Corporation, Europe
“A really stunning keynote speech.” Microsoft
“Ray’s speech was uplifting, inspiring and visionary.” Vodafone
“Ray stimulated and inspired our North American sales team at the end of a very long day.” Ericsson Networks
“As a speaker, Ray Hammond has Mojo!” National Property Council of Australia.
“Ray Hammond was fabulous. He bent our minds.” Intel Corporation
“Ray – thank you for your terrific contribution to our Business Leadership Forum.” McKinsey & Co
“Ray was awesome at our 4th Annual Seminar in Montego Bay.” Ministry of Tourism, Jamaica
“Ray was brilliant at our client conference in Cape Town.” Telkom SA

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Smart Loos Will Soon Detect Cancers

A revolution in cancer screening could use nasal swabs, breathalysers, smart lavatories and hi-tech imaging to spot tumours before they form, according to the first international alliance of experts assembled to focus on early detection.

A £55 million British and American collaboration was announced last month. Most cancer research and funding focuses on treating later-stage cancer because this is the point at which most patients present with symptoms, experts said.

Survival rates fall for those whose cancers are not caught early. Less than 10 per cent of people with a stage four cancer diagnosis will survive their disease compared with 90 per cent with stage one cancers.

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