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This Sensor Can “Smell” Explosives (And COVID-19?)

 Airbus is planning to install jellyfish-like sensors at airports that mimic bomb-sniffing dogs’ ability to detect dangerous chemicals and explosives, using “game-changing” technology built from living biological cells that can “smell” molecular compounds.

In partnership with Koniku, a neurotech start-up in northern California’s Bay Area, the European aircraft maker said it will place multiple odour-detection devices in select airport screening tunnels later this year that can smell hazardous materials. It later might be able to sniff out diseases such as the novel coronavirus.

“The technology has a very quick response time of under 10 seconds in best conditions,” said Julien Touzeau, head of product security for the Americas at Airbus. “With this level of maturity it’s an incredible result and hopefully it will improve over time.”

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