Glimpses Of The Future – October 2016

Apple’s AirPods Are The Future Of Personal Computing

Many commentators were underwhelmed by Apple’s launch of the iPhone 7. It seemed just an incremental improvement on what had gone before

But the really big news was not the new iPhone, … Read the rest

Glimpses Of The Future – September 2016

How Hedge Funds Are Spying On The World To Increase Their Profitability

The latest technological innovation for data-hungry hedge funds is a fleet of five dozen shoebox-sized satellites.

A company called Planet Labs Inc. has launched a small constellation of … Read the rest

August – Glimpses Of The Future

Are China’s Customer Service Robots Mere Gimmicks?

China is in the middle of a pronounced bout of robot fever. Robots—or jiqiren, “machine-people,” in Chinese—are cropping up at banks, where models with high-pitched feminine voices engage customers in basic dialogue and … Read the rest

Glimpses Of The Future – July 2016

Promising Trials of Blood Test To Detect Alzheimer’s

Ideally, everyone over 50 should have access to a routine blood test to check for early indications of Alzheimer’s Disease.

That possibility has now come one step closer with the successful trial … Read the rest

Glimpses Of The Future – June 2016


A monthly digest of technologies, developments and trends that may shape our lives. (If you would prefer not to receive these digests, flip back ‘NO THANKS’ and you will be removed from the … Read the rest

Glimpses Of The Future – May 2016

Tiny Drones Flying From A Mothership – Very Sci-Fi

DARPA is designing fleets of small drones which will drop out of bombers, to then be yanked out of the sky by cargo planes.

Sci-Fi as it may sound—as is the … Read the rest

Glimpses Of The Future – April 2016

Blood Pressure Readings From Wrist Prove Difficult

We’ve been waiting for two years for a “watch” from Apple or Samsung that can provide accurate blood pressure readings. Samsung even demonstrated its prototype Simband mid-2014 displaying a BP measurement.

The future … Read the rest

Glimpses Of The Future – March 2016

IBM’S Adoption Of Blockchain Secures Its Future

International Business Machines Inc. is becoming the biggest backer of the Blockchain technology that underpins the bitcoin digital currency.

In the coming year, IBM will begin testing its own variation on the transactional … Read the rest

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